Partnering with Quant Insight to offer AI-backed analytics

SquaredFinancial, has become the first company to offer its customers access to iQbyQi’s cutting edge analytics, backed by AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.

iQbyQi is developed by leading quantitative financial market analytics provider, Quant Insight (Qi). It uses a cloud-based AI “market brain” which analyses millions of data points in real time, understands how they are all connected to market prices, highlights opportunities and risks, then broadcasts ‘insights and analytics’, tailored specifically to retail traders.

With this partnership, SquaredFinancial’s retail traders will receive iQbyQi daily analytics and insights. iQbyQi’s unique insights into the macro-forces driving asset prices allow individual investors to identify key market opportunities and risks and make better trading decisions.

SquaredFinancial is the first major brokerage to offer their retail traders iQbyQi’s Ai-backed insights. Until recently, Qi has used its ‘world-first’ technology to provide unique macro insights exclusively for the institutional world with some of the world’s best known investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers, including Alan Howard of Brevan Howard, incorporating Qi’s analytics in their investment process.

However, Qi have sought to ‘level-the-playing-field’ with iQbyQi, by matching retail traders with institutional-grade analytics via online brokers in Europe and the Middle East. As it stands, retail trading accounts have boomed, but 60-80 percent of individual trading accounts are losing money, as there is a significant knowledge, experience and resources gap that iQbyQi aims to fill.

Husam Al Kurdi, CEO for Squared Financial, comments:

An informed decision is always a better decision, which is why we believe education is the key to healthy trading.

 “We offer our clients the necessary tools that allow them to deepen their knowledge and react knowing the latest market updates and insights in order to make the right trading decisions. We chose Quant Insight as our strategic partner, because together we can offer unique impartial insights to our retail traders.

 “The technology provided to SquaredFinancial clients by iQbyQi offers astute detail into the macro factors driving the prices of all the assets available to trade on our website.”

Daniel Skowronski, CEO for SquaredFinancial’s new digital asset in the USA, adds:

“SquaredFinancial is empowering retail investors with special tools that will help them throughout their trading journey. This partnership with Qi goes in line with SquaredFinancial’s expansion in the USA through its new digital asset arm.”

 Zahi Younan, CEO for Quant Insight Europe comments:

“We are proud to partner with our first online broker, SquaredFinancial, who believed in our vision of empowering the retail trader with insights that weren’t available, until today, to every retail trader in Europe and the Middle East. iQbyQi is the antidote to a world where retail traders are swamped by countless subjective opinions leading to nothing but confusion; an antidote based on the power of data science, Ai, and machine learning for better investment decisions.”

“In fact, our technology and insights have been developed in conjunction with, and validated by, world-leading experts in machine learning from Cambridge, Harvard and Princeton, and led by experienced macro hedge fund portfolio managers.”

Quant insight was co-founded by experienced macro investor and portfolio manager, Mahmood Noorani, who has previously worked at Morgan Stanley, UBS, BlueCrest Capital, Citi Capital Advisors Global Macro Fund, and Credit Suisse. Other key partners in the business include Professor Michael Hobson, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge, who authored the Qi White Paper on methodology, which emphatically validated the Qi algorithm; and Professor Ryan Prescott-Adams, an academic leader on Machine Learning and former lecturer at Harvard, who sits on Qi’s Academic Advisory board.

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Left to right: Husam Alkurdi, CEO at SquaredFinancial; Zahi Younan, CEO at Quant Insight Europe

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