Introducing Broker

The more clients you introduce,
the higher your income.

Key benefits

Our Introducing Broker (IB) program is meticulously designed to enable you to earn a volume-based reward on every trade done by clients you refer to Us, with customizable incentive structures adapted to your needs.

  • Up to $8 rebates
  • Multi-lingual promotional material
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Quick rebate payments
  • Secure IB client portal
  • Award-winning multilingual customer service

Become an IB

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IB rebate structure

The following table summarizes the default FX and Metals rebates paid. Your level of loyalty will be determined by the number of lots traded and the NET deposits of your clients.
Loyalty level SquaredPro account SquaredElite account Deposit
Tier 1 2 USD/lot 1 USD/lot $1 - 5,000
Tier 2 4 USD/lot 2 USD/lot $5,001 - 10,000
Tier 3 6 USD/lot 3 USD/lot $10,001 - 30,000
Tier 4 8 USD/lot 4 USD/lot $30,001 -50,000
Tier 5 10 USD/lot 5 USD/lot 50,001 and above

*based on FX trades with a USD client account